The customer EXPERIENcE

It's quite simple... Digital enables us to meaningfully connect with and engage our audience throughout the customer experience. Research shows that companies focused on experience excellence are outperforming the broader market by as much as 30% and experience laggards by as much as 80%.  In other words, a focus on experience optimization isn't a nice-to-have but rather a strategic imperative. 


Success comes when we put the customer at the center of our strategy, building experiences that guide them from initial discovery to becoming your best brand advocates. 

This is complicated by the fact that modern brands are far better at leveraging digital to broadcast their message as opposed to listening. Our audience tells us exactly what they're looking for, the trick is paying attention.

Another challenge in experience optimization is that we've become very accustomed to organizational silos. We forget that a poor customer support experience (as example) is likely to have a negative upstream effect on future sales.

In taking a step back and intimately understanding our own customers journey, we're far better positioned to overcome these obstacles and create connected experiences that drive meaningful and measurable brand value.


Self-diagnosing your OWN experience

Putting yourself in the shoes of the customer and taking an outside-in look at you business is the first step in diagnosing your own customer experience. This is difficult as we're so mired in our own organizational goals and objectives that it's hard to step far enough away to see the big picture. Begin by considering these questions:

  • Are customer facing organizations in my business aligned around the customer experience or are we creating a series of disconnected mini-experiences?
  • Are we aligned with and leveraging the nomenclature our audience uses when searching for the types of products and solutions you offer or are we exclusively speaking in our own product / service vocabulary?
  • Are we present in the online destinations where our prospects are searching for the types of products / services we offer or are we solely focused on our 'owned' digital properties?
  • Is the process of engaging my business through digital seamless? Do we speak as one voice or many?
  • Are we proactively seeking out prospective buyers through digital or hoping they come to us on their own?
  • Is the transaction process a frictionless experience or wrought with obstacles? 
  • Are we identifying, activating and amplifying brand advocates in the interest of business growth?

These are exemplary yet often complex questions. Our passion is in helping brands take an 'outside-in' look at their business, leveraging audience insights and the customer experience model to drive business transformation with focus on growth. Let's chat about how xInsights might help you.