Introducing your customers journey

It's an unfortunate truth -- Companies are not wired to listen. As modern business has matured, we've grown very comfortable working within the confines of our organizational silos. Unfortunately, our audience doesn't see us as a series of disconnected organizations. Rather they see us as a unified brand, and want to interact with us accordingly. The customer journey serves as a powerful tool to help you understand your audience and align functions with a focus on experience excellence.



What language does your audience use when searching for a product or service that you provide?

Are there particular online destinations where they're exploring the types of solutions you offer?

Are there particular voices influencing the overall conversation?

Is your brand part of the discussion? Are your competitors?

These are examples of the types of questions to be asking when considering the discovery phase. Understanding how consumers begin the process of searching for your product or service is the first step in optimizing your customers journey.


It's easy to talk in brand speak, but that's usually not the best way to get on the rada


Denali National Park

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