About XInsights

The 'X' in xInsights represents your audience. They might be prospects, customers, partners or even your employees. Each of these audiences share powerful signals about their needs, wants and desires online each and every day. These signals should be used to help inform overall business strategy while developing compelling experiences that are grounded in the preferences of your audience.

The challenge is that brands are far better at using digital to broadcast their message as opposed to listening. Helping clients better understand their audience in the interest of extracting meaningful and actionable insights is what we do.

Engaging and delighting your audience throughout the customer experience can add tremendous strategic and business value. Done right, your customers will become your best and most vocal marketers.
— Len Devanna, Founder xInsights

xInsights is a boutique digital consulting firm that helps brands better understand and ultimately engage their audience(s) throughout the customer experience with a focus on incremental business value. Founder Len Devanna is a career digital strategist who's helped many of the worlds top brands leverage digital to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, boost employee engagement and morale, build brand advocates, better serve their supplier and partner ecosystem and so much more

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